Inspiration Story Of Padma Lakshmi, The First Trans Woman Advocate Of Kerala State|

First Trans Woman Lawyer Of Kerala.

Padma Lakshmi: The first trans woman lawyer of Kerala state.

Padma Lakshmi got enrolled as an advocate with the bar council of the state at an event on 20th of March 2023.

   Transgender in our society is a community that is no less than an alien to the general public. People make many truckloads of sarcasm about them and boycott them, are somewhat fearful of them. The truth is that transgender are humans like us, have feelings like us, and have to struggle for their existence too. The general public can maintain their family and themselves by doing any job or business. In case any transgender wants to join this normal social lifestyle, then it is a challenge for him, even in the twenty-first century. Though, education is the best solution for them. So not all, but some transgender have had a good education and successfully joined the general flow of society, like Padma Lakshmi.

The family of Padma Lakshmi:

    Padma Lakshmi, a transwoman, lives with her parents and two elder sisters in the Edapalli (Idapalli) area of Kochi City in Kerala. His father, Mohan Kumar, is a retired employee of the Cochin Shipyard. Jaya Mohan, working in a law firm,  is her mother and a courageous woman. Padma Lakshmi has two elder sisters: Ashwati Mohan, an accountant, and Archana Mohan, an assistant professor in the Malayalam department at St. Xavier's College.
    Although her sisters were born physically and mentally normal, Padma Lakshmi's birth was an enigma. At birth, the family treated him as a baby boy. As Padma Lakshmi grew up, her family noticed that her mannerisms, voice quality, and body language resembled that of a trans-woman. However, she was intelligent in her studies and used to achieve good results in school. The family understood his problem, accepted him, and brought him up with love. Her parents and sisters loved her very much and readily accepted her uniqueness!

School days problem of Padma Lakshmi:

    Padma Lakshmi could not mix easily with her fellow boys during her schooling. Even the girls used to stay away from Padam Lakshami, misunderstanding her as a boy. Padma Lakshmi used to feel neglected. These are the common problem of the third-gender community. Self-confidence, hard work, and good education are the only solutions for the transgender community to overcome their disgraceful condition. Padma Lakshmi understood this fact, and she determined to create her own identity in society.

The encouragement to Padma Lakshmi.

Ernakulam Law College Where Padma Lakshmi Studied.

    Inspired by her family, Padma Lakshmi graduated with a BSc in Physics from Bharat Mata College in Ernakulam after secondary school. Meanwhile, she released the social status and problems of transgenders. She felt that only a strict law and its successful implementation could eradicate this problem. Then inspiration and desire to become a lawyer awakened in his heart.
After graduation, Padma Lakshmi appeared for the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) with the encouragement of Mr. Abdul Hakeem - a lawyer and employer of Jaya Mohan, her mother.
She used to sit in the church near her house for hours and study for the exam in the peaceful surrounding. Padma Lakshmi cleared the exam on the first attempt by working hard without tuition.
Then Padma Lakshmi enrolled for LLB at Ernakulam Government Law College. Meanwhile, she started hormone therapy treatment.
To pay for his medical and educational expenses, she worked as an agent for a private insurance company and LIC and also did tutoring the students at her home.

The Struggle of Padma Lakshmi:

    Her body was facing many changes during hormone therapy and other medical procedures. She was anxious about what the response of her colleagues would be.
But his teacher (Associate Professor Dr. Mariamma AK, Ernakulam Law College) pacified her and relieved him by referring him to Dr. BR Ambedkar's book. Similarly, she had encouragement from other teachers too.

The achievement of Padma Lakshmi:

Transgender Padma Lakshmi receives a provisional certificate from Justice CS Dias, High Court of Kerala, at the enrollment ceremony at the Kerala High Court in Kochi on the 20th of March, 2023.

    Finally, on 20th March 2023, an unforgettable day came in the life of Padma Lakshmi. She received the certificate of enrollment in the Bar Council of the Kerala state, and she became a full-fledged lawyer along with 1529 participants after a long journey of her struggle. She became the first-ever transgender lawyer in Kerala state. Finally, on 20th March 2023, an unforgettable day came in the life of Padma Lakshmi. She got enrolment in the Bar Council of the state, and she became a full-fledged lawyer along with 1529 participants after a long journey of her struggle. She became the first-ever transgender lawyer in Kerala state. Watching her receive the certificate and dressed in the lawyer's black robe, her parents and sisters couldn't stop weeping but with joy.

Padma Lakshmi's Ambition:

    Padma Lakshmi's dream of becoming a lawyer came true. His second dream was to run a campaign for the social welfare of the transgender community. Now she has the ambition to pass the judicial service examination and become a judge. We all wish her good luck and success.

Opinions by celebrities for Padma Lakshmi:

Shri P Rajeev, Minister Of Kerala State for Industries and Law, published her photo and comment on Instagram:

English translation : Congratulations to Padmalakshmi who overcame all the hurdles of life and enrolled as the first transgender advocate in Kerala. Becoming the first is always the hardest achievement in history. There are no predecessors on the way to the goal. Obstacles will be inevitable. There will be people to mute and discourage. Padmalakshmi has written her name in the legal history by overcoming all this.

Padmalakshmi's paths have convinced them on which side to stand in the fight for justice. That is why Padmalakshmi's words are so sharp that in the journey ahead, the aim is to become the voice of the denied justice with the power of law. May Padmalakshmi’s life inspire more people from the transgender sector to enter advocacy. Adv. Once again congratulations to Padmalakshmi and the 1528 advocates enrolled yesterday.


Dr. R Bindu:

  • Minister of Higher Education and Social Justice, Kerala.
  • Member of State Legislative Assembly for Irinjalakuda.
  • AIDWA national executive member.

Dr. Bindu tweeted:

Interview of Padma Lakshmi by Giti Pratap:


Bar & Bench - An interview of Padma Lakshmi with Giti Pratap.

There are hundreds of closeted lawyers - trans, gay and others - who don't come out.
- Advocate Padma Lakshmi.

What Padma Lakshmi has to say?

"Padma Lakshmi says that even today, transgender people are used to being discriminated against by people, and strict laws and effective enforcement are necessary to stop this."

Interview by PTI

"I ignored all the forms of negativity, be it people or their comments. I focus on the positive. I believe that is one of my advantages. If I focus on the negativity, I will have time only for that feelings and wouldn't move forward in life." - as she told PTI.

While sharing her happiness with ANI, Padma Lakshmi said:

"I'm so happy. My parents were supportive. It is a noble profession, and Constitution is our weapon. My wish is to be the voice of that people who are facing discrimination and injustice."

Other related examples:

However, Padma Lakshmi is the first trans woman lawyer in Kerala, but not in the country. There are many other trans people in the field of law and judiciary in India:

  • Joyita Mondal was appointed a judge in the Lok Adalat of Islamapur, West Bengal, in 2017. She is the first-ever transgender person to hold this position in India.
  • Vidya Kamble, a transgender activist appointed as a member judge in the Nagpur Lok Adalat in 2018.
  • Transwoman Swati Bidhan Baruah from Guwahati is the third appointed judge in the same year.

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