The Wife Of The Martyr Joined The Military To Carry Forward The Husband’s Legacy.


Rekha Singh wanted to keep her husband Deepak Singh’s legacy to go on after he was killed in Galwan in June 2020.

The day of 15th June 2020 was the worst in the life of; Deepak Singh Yadav's newly married(merely eight month) wife. That day, Deepak Sinh and  20 soldiers died in the clash with a People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China in Ladakh's Galwan Valley. He was a Nursing Assistant and saved the lives of 30 injured soldiers before the death.

What happened in Galwan Valley?

The Galwan Valley clash was the most violent between the Indian and Chinese armies on June 15, 2020, in Ladakh, which resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers.
Deepak Singh was the assistant nurse who treated and saved the lives of over 30 Indian soldiers. He displayed extreme courage and patriotism amidst of lethal attack and had injured to death.
Deepak Singh was posted in 2012 as a Battalion Nursing Assistant in the 16th Battalion of the Bihar Regiment and posted at Ladakh in January 2020. During 'Operation SNOW LEOPARD.' The army of both countries clashed in the Galwan Valley of eastern Ladakh. In which Deepak Singh treated the injured soldiers. Moreover, he also did medical treatment for the wounded soldiers of China.
Meanwhile, he was seriously injured by stones falling from the mountain and it was fatal.

About 20 Indian soldiers were killed in this encounter. Though, Deepak Singh saved the lives of 30 soldiers.In 2020, the late Deepak Singh was awarded posthumously the country's third-highest wartime award - Vir Chakra*by the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind.

* Vir Chakra is considered the third highest wartime military honour after Param Vir Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra.

About Rekha Sinh, and why she decided to join the military?

  • She was the wife of Deepak Sinh and one of those widows who have
    taken the responsibility of carrying forward the legacy of their late husband.

Rekha Sinh belongs to the Reeva district of Madhya Pradesh(MP). She was a teacher at the school before the death of her husband. After Deepak Singh's death, she made her husband's dream her own.
What she liked most was the passion of her husband for the nation. So that she married Deepak Sinh, but within eight months, the war had snatched away her life partner. However, she was a courageous wife, like her husband, who decided to join the army.
After Deepak Singh's death, she made her husband's dream her own. Leaving her job as a teacher, she took the entrance exam for the military and started preparing for the physical test. Although there was a failure on one attempt, she continued to try without getting discouraged and succeeded on the second attempt. Then she was admitted to Officer's Training Academy in Chennai for one year of strict training. She joined one year of hard training. She joined the army as a lieutenant after the training.

What Rekha Sinh has to say:

"After my husband I decided to join Indian Army. Earlier I was legit maths teacher but later on I thought to experience all the things which my husband had gone through. So I decided to join Indian Army and I started preparing for that and today.My training is completed and now I become Lieutenant and today is a very proud moment for me and for my family.And for women candidates, I just want to say that believe in yourself and whatever you want to do just to do. Don't think what others are thinking, otherwise you won't be able to do anything. So believe in yourself and start doing.Take your first step, then only you will be able to achieve your goal. Definitely it is a very good step taken by the government that they have allowed women cadets to join artillery. So it is a we are lucky that in our this watch this has started. So it is a very good opportunity.Well, lady officers and definitely we are doing in every field very good. So definitely in this field also we will do good and my coursemates, they will perform very well and make their nation proud."

-Lt. Rekha Sinh.

The video:

“Want to experience what my husband went through…” Galwan hero’s wife Rekha Singh joins Indian Army

Tweet byTimes Of India:

She and other women who joined the military after the martyrdom of their husband, without fear, has been praised throughout the world!

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