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A 101-year-old former pro dancer still dances every single day to stay young.

Lady Dinkie Flowers: A 102-year-old formerpro dancer still dancing. Born on the 7th of May 1921, Dinkie Flower still shakes the dance floor with her energetic dancing. Recently in May 2023, she crossed the 102nd year of her life. She wants to carry on her passion to the last breath. Since when she was just three years old in 1924, she used to dance. Now She is a mother of a son and grandmother of three children, but her passion for dancing is still on. In her long life span, she had traveled to the destinations of the world to display her dancing mastery in Belle. She performed the Dance show in front of the Shaikh in Baghdad. And in 1952, she made the show at the event of Ice Gala in Paris against Prince Phillip. Dinkie learned dancing and skating skills at London’s Italia Conti Academy Theatre Of Arts and traveled the world for her programs. She was the only British acrobatic skater once.However, in 1940 in Paris, she was arrested for wearing a red dress in the show