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Captain Meera Dave: The First Ever Gujarati Woman Army Officer From Surat |

Captain Meera Dave: Pride for Surat City and Nation and Inspirational to women. Captain Meera Dave, a veteran of the Indian Army Ordnance Corps, is not only the pride of Surat but also an inspiration for millions of women across the country. She had been dreaming of defending the nation since she was just nine years old, and she achieved it at the age of 23 by becoming the first Gujarati woman army officer from Surat. She is also the brand ambassador of four NCC battalions in Gujarat. How the Kargil War Sparked Her Patriotism and Passion for the Army: As the nation celebrates Kargil Vijay Diwas on 26th July to commemorate the victory of the Indian Armed Forces over the Pakistan Army in the 1999 Kargil War, Captain Meera recalls how she was motivated to join the Military by the news of the war. She was studying in class 11 at an international boarding school in Chennai when she read about war and felt a surge of patriotism. She also used to see the posters of ‘Join Indian Arm

Yamuna Chakradhari: The Inspiring Story of a Brick Maker Turned Medical Student| यमुना चक्रधारी: एक ईंट बनानेवाली लड़की की मेडिकल छात्र बनने की प्रेरणादायक कहानी|

How a Brick Maker Overcame All Odds and Pursued Her Dream of Medicine: The Story of Yamuna Chakradhari. 13th June 2023 - This day brought infinite happiness for Yamuna Chakradhari and her family as she passed the *NEET exam in the fourth trial. She Scored 516 marks in the NEET exam, and her All India rank is 92683, while the OBC rank is 42684. At last, she succeeded against all odds, with no resources, no coaching, no money, and hard labor work. *What is NEET? NEET (UG) is a national-level exam for aspiring medical students in India. It is the gateway to various undergraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, and AYUSH (traditional and alternative health care courses). It also qualifies students to pursue primary medical education abroad. the ultimatum of father and her struggle: Yamuna had been attempting the exam for four years. But she always missed the passing score by a few points. Her father warned her to end her education if she did not q

Rambai: The 105-Year-Old Athletic Sensation from Haryana| Hariyana ki 106 sal ki khiladi ne sab ko chauka diya|

Rambai is a remarkable woman who has defied the age and odds to become an athletic sensation in India. I published the post on 6th June 2023 on this blog about Dinkie Flowers of Florida, a 105yo Belle Dancer, and skater. Now read here about an athlete in India aged 105 years. Rambai, who is 105 years old, set a new record in the 100-meter sprint, breaking the previous record held by the late Man Kaur, who was 101 when she ran the race in 74 seconds in 2017. She also broke the myth that older can't do any activities. She clocked an impressive 45.40 seconds in the inaugural National Open Masters Athletics Championships (NOMAC) held in Vadodara, Gujarat, in June 2022. She also won the 200-meter race in one minute and 52.17 seconds, completing a golden double. Rambai has earned her praise and admiration from all quarters, including sports minister Anurag Thakur, who tweeted: “ An age is just a number! Meet Rambai - a 105-year-old athlete from Haryana who has set a n