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The woman saved the drowning young man without caring for her baby| Fearless Females|

The story of the bravery of Raveena of Madhya Pradesh! A 32-year-old lady Ravina living in Nazirabad village, about 80 kilometers from Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal, has set an example of bravery, had saved a farmer from drowning. A mother of an 8-month-old baby, she did not worry about her baby while jumping into the water for the drowning guys. Raveena Jumped into the water to save the drowning farmers. When Ravina saw two farmers drowning in the rushing stream of the Canal, she put her 8-month-old baby aside, jumped into the stream, and saved one of the farmers, while another farmer drowned in the current, whose body was found the next day. The Misadventure of the Farmers. The water level suddenly rose due to heavy rains in a canal near Nazirabad. Meanwhile, two farmers named Raju and Jitendra, who had gone to spray medicine in their field, remained standing near the Canal while their bike was parked on either side. After the rain, the water level increased drasti