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Inspiration Story Of Padma Lakshmi, The First Trans Woman Advocate Of Kerala State|

Padma Lakshmi: The first trans woman lawyer of Kerala state. Padma Lakshmi got enrolled as an advocate with the bar council of the state at an event on 20th of March 2023.     Transgender in our society is  a community that is no less than an alien to the general public. People make many truckloads of sarcasm about them and boycott them, are somewhat fearful of them. The truth is that transgender are humans like us, have feelings like us, and have to struggle for their existence too. The general public can maintain their family and themselves by doing any job or business. In case any transgender wants to join this normal social lifestyle, then it is a challenge for him, even in the twenty-first century. Though, education is the best solution for them. So not all, but some transgender have had a good education and successfully joined the general flow of society, like Padma Lakshmi. The family of Padma Lakshmi:      Padma Lakshmi, a transwoman, lives with her parents