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An inspirational Story of Kanta, the social servant |

Disclaimer:- Image is for demo only. It's a symbolic image. How did the dedication of Kanta inspire her husband to leave the habit of alcohol? Drinking the liquor heavily, he returned home and collapsed at the door as he entered. Kanta, his wife, struggled to draw him at the coach. Meanwhile, he was cursing her. Kanta was anxious for both her growing children, who were almost mature, were asking her the question, why did their school colleagues call them the children of an alcoholic? Kanta hadn't an answer. Struggling to help her husband to get stretch on the coat, she took off the shoes and noticed that he had urinated in the pant. She waited for him to sleep, thinking she would change her clothes. Slumbering, she waited. A mother dog was crying with hunger outside near the door. She fed the animal with the food she had preserved for her husband. She noticed the dog also had three little cubs. Kanta was changing his dirty clothes  while he was sleeping but soon, he w

The woman saved the drowning young man without caring for her baby| Fearless Females|

The story of the bravery of Raveena of Madhya Pradesh! A 32-year-old lady Ravina living in Nazirabad village, about 80 kilometers from Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal, has set an example of bravery, had saved a farmer from drowning. A mother of an 8-month-old baby, she did not worry about her baby while jumping into the water for the drowning guys. Raveena Jumped into the water to save the drowning farmers. When Ravina saw two farmers drowning in the rushing stream of the Canal, she put her 8-month-old baby aside, jumped into the stream, and saved one of the farmers, while another farmer drowned in the current, whose body was found the next day. The Misadventure of the Farmers. The water level suddenly rose due to heavy rains in a canal near Nazirabad. Meanwhile, two farmers named Raju and Jitendra, who had gone to spray medicine in their field, remained standing near the Canal while their bike was parked on either side. After the rain, the water level increased dr

Priyanka Kumari: The First Woman Bus Driver Of Uttar Pradesh Government Transport|

Priyanka_Kumari_Sharma. Priyanka Kumari Sharma, Posted As The First Female Bus Driver Of UP Government Roadways, Got A Job After Struggling. Sandra Bullock In Hollywood, a thrilling movie has made in the year 1994 named Speed . In this movie, Annie(played by Sandra Bullock ), the heroine, is suddenly forced to drive a bus, as she has never driven such a large vehicle before, except for a Buick car, yet successfully manages to drive the bus until a bomb planted on the bus goes off. She, despite no experience, jumped over the breaking part of the flyover successfully. What an exciting scene it was! Well, it was just a movie that applied trick photography, but in real life, today's women are driving, be it commercial or fighter planes, rickshaws, trucks, or passenger buses. An introduction of Priyanka Kumari Sharma: Everyone knows Priyanka Gandhi, who is active in Indian politics, and Priyanka Chopra, a famous actress in the film industry, but there is als

Inspirational Story Of 5 Women Pilots Of Modern India| Aadhunik Bhaarat Kee 5 Mahila Viman Chalak Ki Prerak Kahaanee |

Note: This article should written in two part. One for past 5 pilots and second for that of 2022. Each independent post for each pilots(but not all),  with as many details; strictly in English आज के आधुनिक भारत में महिलाएं हर क्षेत्र में अग्रणी हैं। एविएशन सेक्टर में भी महिलाएं पीछे नहीं हैं, चाहे वो कॉमर्शियल एविएशन सर्विसेज की पायलट हों या फिर मिलिट्री की एयरफोर्स विंग। उड्डयन क्षेत्र में महिलाओ की सिद्धि और हिस्से का ब्यौरा निम्न लिखित है। नागरिक उड्डयन मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार के आंकड़ों के अनुसार, 6 दिसंबर, 2021 को 17,726 पंजीकृत पायलटों में से भारत में 2,764 पायलट महिलाएं हैं। "इंटरनेशनल सोसाइटी ऑफ वीमेन एयरलाइन पायलट्स की 2020 की रिपोर्ट: इंटरनेशनल सोसाइटी ऑफ वुमन एयरलाइन पायलट्स की माहिती; अनुसार भारत में महिला एयरलाइन पायलटों का प्रतिशत अन्य देशो से ज्यादा  है। भारत में 12.4% महिला पायलट है, जब की आयरलैंड में 9.9%, दक्षिण अफ्रीका में 9.8%, कनाडा और जर्मनी में 6.9%, ऑस्ट्रेलिया में 5.8%, यूएस में 5.4%, और यूके में 4.7% महिला पायलट है। भारती

Woman Police Officer Saved The Life of Poor Old Lady In The Deadly Summer Heat| Home Minister Of Gujarat, Harsh Sanghavi, Praised Her Bravery|

Woman-Police-Officer-Varsha-Parmar-And-Old-Woman. A woman police officer from Gujarat has set a unique example of humanity. She saved the life of an old lady.

Spontaneous Action Of 70 Years Old Lady: Prevented A Train Accident, Saved Many Lives|


A Siddi Woman Hirabai Lobi Prospered The Lives Of Many People| A Sublime Example Of #WomenEmpowerment|

The radio turned out to be the means of education to Hiraben which impacted the lives of thousands of illiterate villagers. The dwelling of Sidi community in India:      The Siddi, a race of African descent, inhabits many cities and villages in India. They are a hardworking community. Siddi people like to dance and sing. Their distinctive dance, known as DHAMAAL,

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