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India's first-ever deaf and mute nurse who is also a Kathak dancer. | भारत की पहली मूक-बधिर नर्स जो एक कथक नृत्यांगना भी हैं।|

Hindi... The story of Bulbul Panjri is an inspiring tale that highlights the power of determination, community, and achieving one's dreams despite obstacles. Content Bulbul Panjre: India's extraordinary deaf and mute nurse Bulbul Panjre, a nurse from Shalby Hospital, Indore, has been providing dedicated care and support to patients and doctors for the past two years. Bulbul's unique story sets her apart from her colleagues, making her an exceptional healthcare profeional. Victory over silence: India's first ever deaf and dumb nurse: Bulbul's extraordinary journey began when she became India's first ever nurse who was both deaf and mute. Despite her communication challenges, he is dedicated to her profession. Bulbul underwent cochlear implant surgery, an unprecedented procedure in which a device is surgically implanted behind the ear to help deaf individuals hear sounds. However, financial constraints prevented him from receiving ther li

A Brave Girl Anushka Sacrificed Herself to Save Her Brothers and Sisters from Drowning |

Hindi... The story of 13 year old brave girl Anushka from Dholpur district of Rajasthan. Who sacrificed himself to save children from drowning in the overflowing river. On August 25, 2021, the people of Khubpura village in Dholpur district of Rajasthan were celebrating the festival of Rakhi. This village is located near the Parvati River. On the festival day, villagers offer flowers and bathe in the river as a ritual. Anushka’s Heroic Act: That day, Anushka, a 14-year-old girl, went to the river with her two brothers, Pankaj and Govinda (both 10 years old), a sister named Khushboo (12 years old), and a cousin sister Charvi (7 years old) to offer flowers. They arrived at the river bank a little earlier. Other villagers had yet to reach there. After offering flowers to the river, they entered the river to bathe. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the river was flowing a bit strong. So, the children started drawing with the water. Anushka soon pulled those children to the shor

Rita devi a fearless woman.|

True story of a Dalit woman, connected 800 children to school. Fought the upper castes bravely. The caste system is a social hierarchy that has been prevalent in India for centuries. It divides people into different social classes based on their birth. The caste system has been a subject of controversy and criticism due to its discriminatory nature. The Indian government has taken several steps to eradicate caste-based discrimination and promote social equality. Motivational Story of a Dalit Woman, UP- Jalaun | Rita devi a fearless woman ||