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A Siddi Woman Hirabai Lobi Prospered The Lives Of Many People| A Sublime Example Of #WomenEmpowerment|

The radio turned out to be the means of education to Hiraben which impacted the lives of thousands of illiterate villagers. The dwelling of Sidi community in India:      The Siddi, a race of African descent, inhabits many cities and villages in India. They are a hardworking community. Siddi people like to dance and sing. Their distinctive dance, known as DHAMAAL,

6 Women Social Welfare Reformers Of Gujarat| Women-Empowerment|

The-Hard-Life-Style-Of-Salt-Workers. Serving for social welfare is a sacred act. Those who engage in such work do not expect any reward or praise. Social work requires patience and hard work. Many social workers in the country are working for the welfare of the needy people of a democratic nation. Although the list is very long here, some women social workers of Gujarat have published information for information and education. I hope you like this post.

Inspirational Story of Mehroonisa: The Mmother Of Nawazuddin Siddiqui| Every Mother Is A University In Her Own Right|

Mehroonisa-The mother of Navzuddin Siddiqui. The story of a woman who never went to school; but provided higher education to her children. हिंदी

Highly Educated Muslim Young Girl Became Sarpanch| Women Empowerments|

Dr. Shahnaz Khan: A highly educated woman from a backward village in Mewat, Rajasthan, became *Sarpanch. On 5th March 2018, after passing out the MBBS degree, she participated in the Election and won; and became the Sarpanch just at the age of 24 years. She is the first-ever highly educated woman Sarpanch in her constituency. Shahnaaz Khan has created history by becoming a Sarpanch. She was elected as the Sarpanch of Kaman gram panchayat, which falls in the Meo-dominated area of Bharatpur district. Shahnaaz achieved another feat by becoming the fourth generation member of her family to enter politics. About Shahnaz Khan: Shahnaz Khan was born in the small village of Mewat in Rajasthan. The Mewat region is spread in two states,  Rajasthan and Haryana. It is a backward area regarding infrastructure — education, health, and economics. A family history of Shahnaz Khan: Shahnaz Khan is the daughter of a Congress leader. Her paternal grandfather Hanif Khan has been the Sarpanch

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