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Mehroonisa-The mother of Navzuddin Siddiqui.
Mehroonisa-The mother of Navzuddin Siddiqui.

The story of a woman who never went to school; but provided higher education to her children.

Where there is a will - there is a way:

Faced with adversities, Mehrunnisan, who was presented as an excellent social worker today, was born and grew up in the Kairana village of UP. Her father was a cleric, and he taught his daughter Urdu and the Arabic language at home. Children were never used to being sent to school in their village. But the children of Mehrunnisa's maternal uncle used to go to school. Mehrunnisa also had a desire to read, so she used to read their books with the help of her cousins. Due to this study, his confidence and spirit grew.

Her married life:

The financial condition of the family was not good. When she was 14-year-old Mehrunnisa married in a family in Budhana, 30 km away from her homeland. The monetary situation at her husband's family too was weak, and there was a big family, so there was a hard struggle life.After a year, Mehrunnisa gave birth to a son, whose name was Nawazuddin. Yes, right there, which is a big name in the Hindi film industry today. And all the credit for this success goes to his mother.

A campaign started inadvertently:

Later as time passed, Mehrunnisa gave birth to six more sons and two daughters. Due to his farming, she used to get food, but the children were not getting an education. Which, Mehrunnisa did not approve. A campaign started by her, she had no idea of ​​how big it was going to take.

  • Mehrunnisa learned the Hindi language from one of her friends.
  • The children of her enrolled in the school to have a good education.
  • She never differentiated between boys and girls.

When the domestic expenses got higher, her husband's income was short, Mehrunnisa started sewing work. Although her husband did not like to do the work of Mehrunnisa, she had to hide the sewing machine when she came home. Some women of the village started coming to her to learn sewing work. She started teaching Arabic and Urdu to some illiterate women of the village. Mehrunnisa was an expert in cooking, so many women started coming to her to learn how to cook different types of dishes.

First, they will make fun of you then they will salute you:

At first, people used to make fun of her for her social activities, but Mehrunnisa did not care for them. As the assertive result of her campaign stated to emerge, an attitude of the people changed, and those who used to make fun, criticize, their people started appreciating. Her name became famous far and wide, many women became her friends, and they formed a big group of their own. She always used to wear a burqa, but her thoughts were always progressive.

Today she is doing an excellent service of spreading education, and employment with her team, for women and children in her in-laws' village, and not only in her maternal village but in villages around.

Proud for Indians:

In 2017 BBC included Mehrunnisa's name in 100 influential women, which is a matter of pride for our country.

About his elder son Nawazuddin Siddiqui:

Well-known Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, being the eldest son, was aware of his mother's struggle and always has respected her.

When he was struggling to create his position in Bollywood in Mumbai, and whenever he got frustrated, he used to contact his mother. His mother never made any disappointing comment, never said that you waste time. He always encouraged Nawazuddin. Hearing his mother's words, he used to engage in his work with a renewed vigor. Today success is kissing the feet of Nawazuddin.All his brothers and sisters are well settled after completing their education.

Mehrunnisa's campaign will continue:

Instead of living in a comfortable house of her son in Mumbai, Mehrunnisaa has decided to dwell in a distant village for the welfarw and the reform in rural.


Many salutes to Mehrunnisa, a social reformer.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui thanks to his Moher Mehrunnisa

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