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After completing MBBS, she became the most educated woman sarpanch at the age of 24 for the development of the village.

Recently the Uttar Pradesh election has completed. Shrimati Priyanka Gandhi from the Congress party announced some points regarding women as the 40% participation in politics. Though the party failed to win sufficient seats, women didn't vote for Congress as supposed to be. What's the reason? Education. Education enhances confidence, liberal thinking pattern, and logical thinking. A proper education system is a key to empowering any gender, whether men or women. What and how an educated (or learned by experience) woman can contribute to society, nation, and the world; is written in the following post about an MBBS female who became the province's leader.

Introduction of Shahnaaz Khan:

However, Shahnaaz Khan was born in a small village in the Mewat region in Rajsthan, but mostly she dwelled in the urban area. Shahnaaz belongs to a family of politicians and social workers. Her grandfather, Haanif Khan, had been the Sarpanch of Mewat for 55 years! Her mother, Zahida Khan, is a former MLA from the Kaman constituency in the district, while her father, Jalees Khan, was Kaman pradhan (head of block-level panchayat body).

She studied in the Medical College of the city for an MBBs course. She visits the village during summer vacation. However, she was not wholly aware of the villagers' problems yet. People at Mewat, the native of she, were so conservative that no girls were allowed to go out, and having an education was rare because most people were uneducated. As a result, the criminality in the area was higher. Shehnaz was lucky because her grandfather was the village's former Sarpanch, so as the exception, she got higher education. Whenever she visits the town, she gradually comes to know of the backwardness of her native place through her grandfather, father, and friends.

Why did Shahnaz Khan decide to participate in the Election?

She understood the necessity of social welfare activity in her native, especially for the girls.Therefore, she wants to do social service and reformation to the extent of her capacity. People advised Shahnaaz Khan to participate in the upcoming Election of Sarpanch. She understands that being a Sarpanch, she can do faster reformation. So she participated and won the Election on 5th March 2022 and became the Sarpanch of Kaman Gram Panchayat of Bharatpur District. Villagers had elected the young girl, merely 24-year-old and a medical student of Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College and Research Center in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, as their Sarpanch.After that, she took many courageous steps.


Her activity of reformation:

As Shahnaaz Khan herself was well educated, she knew the importance and necessity of education for all, including girls. So, inspired by the slogan of PM, Shri Narendra Modi - "Beti Padhao and Beti Bachao" - she started reformation for education and set many projects for electricity, water conservation, health, and cleanliness.

Future Plan:

She will join an internship at Civil Hospital in Gurgaon and plan to further study for a postgraduate course. She is determined to complete her study; and the reformation in the community.

"People in the Mewat area don't send their daughters to schools. I want to present my example before them to show what education can do for a woman,"
- Shahnaaz Khan.

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