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An inspirational Story of Kanta, the social servant |

How did the dedication of Kanta inspire her husband to leave the habit of alcohol? Drinking the liquor heavily, he returned home and collapsed at the door as he entered. Kanta, his wife, struggled to draw him at the coach. Meanwhile, he was cursing her. Kanta was anxious for both her growing children, who were almost mature, were asking her the question, why did their school colleagues call them the children of an alcoholic? Kanta hadn't an answer. Struggling to help her husband to get stretch on the coat, she took off the shoes and noticed that he had urinated in the pant. She waited for him to sleep, thinking she would change her clothes. Slumbering, she waited. A mother dog was crying with hunger outside near the door. She fed the animal with the food she had preserved for her husband. She noticed the dog also had three little cubs. Kanta was changing his dirty clothes  while he was sleeping but soon, he woke up and started to curse her heavily. Suddenly he asked for