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How did the dedication of Kanta inspire
her husband to leave the habit of alcohol?

Drinking the liquor heavily, he returned home and collapsed at the door as he entered. Kanta, his wife, struggled to draw him at the coach. Meanwhile, he was cursing her. Kanta was anxious for both her growing children, who were almost mature, were asking her the question, why did their school colleagues call them the children of an alcoholic? Kanta hadn't an answer.

Struggling to help her husband to get stretch on the coat, she took off the shoes and noticed that he had urinated in the pant. She waited for him to sleep, thinking she would change her clothes. Slumbering, she waited. A mother dog was crying with hunger outside near the door. She fed the animal with the food she had preserved for her husband. She noticed the dog also had three little cubs.

Kanta was changing his dirty clothes while he was sleeping but soon, he woke up and started to curse her heavily. Suddenly he asked for food. Unfortunately, she had fed all the food to the dog, and now his angry husband got now hungry. Then the quarrel started. He beat Kanta with nothing but the broom, which broke at last.

To be beaten for her was the routine, but when she observed the scared faces of the children, she felt sorry. How long will this oppression last? He was earning nothing. Kanta was working as a field worker in the vaccination department. When she departs for her job wearing a white uniform saree in the morning, he taunts her, "She is going to enjoy herself with friends."

The harassment was daily, and no one could console her for that. She had arranged tiffin service for lunch for her husband, but he used to defame her in the village, saying that even after having a wife, I have to eat tiffin food. She has fun outside. But the situation was critical. Due to her job, she couldn't prepare lunch, and she used to get very tired in the evening after walking all day. 

Her husband had pain in his side for a long time. She did not know how long he had been taking painkiller pills. One day the pain worsened, and he collapsed due to the pain. Kanta took him to his government hospital, and the doctor diagnosed a problem in the liver and advised her to admit her husband to a hospital.

Within a few days, he was diagnosed with liver damage due to excessive alcohol consumption. Admission to the hospital was compulsory for treatment. Doctors cured her husband for several days. Sadly, Kanta had sold the gold ornaments to save her husband. She borrowed money from her friends for the treatment, and after a successful recovery, she brought him home safely.

Even then, the question had arisen from her husband, "Where did you get the money from?" This question was worse than being dead a hundred times. But she consoles herself. The next day, her husband repeated the same question. Kanta called for a rickshaw and fetched him to the Jewelers, producing evidence of the source of money for the treatment. She said, " I sold the jewelry mother had given me as dowry, which I had saved from you, and sold it to got you cured. Now, insulting me with such fatal questions, because, You survived!"

And one day, she told her matter to the doctors at CHC. The doctor said, "If he knows driving, call him to drive our mobile van!" His husband also wanted to see how his wife was working there, so he got a temporary job, then he realized how his wife was struggling to feed him and his children. The doctors also explained her struggle in life to him. So, he determined to abandon the ruining habits.

Kanta was not surprised when she was selected as the best field worker of the year by the district health department. Because she deserved this award considering the devotion with which she performed his duty.

Finally, the day came when all the staff and officers set the district-level program for awards. The Minister of Health also presented. Authorities had announced her name for the award amid thunderous applause. She walked gracefully towards the stage. The Minister gave him a citation and a check of one lakh rupees. The Chief Health Officer honored him with a shawl and requested her to speak a few words.

She addressed the meeting, "I am very thankful to my health department doctors, colleagues, friends, and field workers. Special thanks to my husband, who encouraged me and strengthened my resolve!" Though her husband failed to understand the hidden meaning,  he felt ashamed.

When she descended from the stage among the applause, her husband was asking for forgiveness with tears in his eyes. Her children's eyes did not have the sorrowful feeling but were sparkling with happiness. When she hugged children, her heart flourished like a flower.


  1. This is a fantasy story, and any resemblance of this story to any person is incidental.
  2. Originally translated from the Gujarati language from the post of Shri Shah Nawaz Malik published on Facebook.


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