70 Years Old Lady Prevented A Train Accident, Saved Many Lives|


The commendable prompt action of a 70-year-old but brave woman to avert the train accident!

Aumvati, a laboring woman from the Guleria village in the Avagarh province of Etah district, Uttar Pradesh, was going to her job by railway tracks; when she detected a broken railway track. Soon she made a flag of her red color saree with tree branches and set it across the way so it would be visible from a distance by a railway engine driver.

Broken Railway Track Seen By Aumvati

When the driver sensed danger.

A train from Etah to Tundla was running fast on the railway track. Meanwhile, the train driver saw a red flag signal ahead. Sensing something wrong had happened, he slowed down the train and stopped just before the broken tracks near the red saree flag. As the train stopped in the middle of the way, many passengers got down from the train to understand the matter. When they knew about the preventative action taken by the 70-year-old woman, everyone praised her. The track was repaired by the technical staff of the railway department afterward, and the train safely resumed its onward journey an hour later.

"She deserves the prize/award from the Department/government.
Didn't she?"

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