Yamuna Chakradhari: The Inspiring Story of a Brick Maker Turned Medical Student| यमुना चक्रधारी: एक ईंट बनानेवाली लड़की की मेडिकल छात्र बनने की प्रेरणादायक कहानी|

How a Brick Maker Overcame All Odds and Pursued Her Dream of Medicine: The Story of Yamuna Chakradhari.

13th June 2023 -This day brought infinite happiness for Yamuna Chakradhari and her family as she passed the *NEET exam in the fourth trial. She Scored 516 marks in the NEET exam, and her All India rank is 92683, while the OBC rank is 42684. At last, she succeeded against all odds, with no resources, no coaching, no money, and hard labor work.

*What is NEET?
NEET (UG) is a national-level exam for aspiring medical students in India. It is the gateway to various undergraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, and AYUSH (traditional and alternative health care courses). It also qualifies students to pursue primary medical education abroad.

the ultimatum of father and her struggle:

Yamuna had been attempting the exam for four years. But she always missed the passing score by a few points. Her father warned her to end her education if she did not qualify for NEET this time. The people of the village, especially the women, used to taunt her for her multiple failures in the NEET exams to discourage her. It's customary to get married the adult girls in the village instead of educating them. But her hard work finally paid off. If the lack of money does not become an obstacle for him, then the doors of her dream of becoming a doctor will open for him.

Family History Of Yamuna:

She is a brickmaker like the rest of her family. Bricks are used in building construction.. Yamuna wants to construct prosperity with the bricks of hard work and education. Yamuna lives with her parents and two sisters in Dumardih village near the Tandula River in the Durg district, off UTAI road, (See: location) known for the Bhilai Steel Plant in Chhattisgarh. The whole family works in the brick-making industry. Yamuna has been making bricks since she was six years old and still does so along with her studies. Her parents and her elder sister have been very supportive of her education. The family lives frugally to afford her schooling. The brick-making business is not very lucrative and barely covers their expenses. Yamuna’s parents came from Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. They left their hometown due to a family dispute and settled in Dimarduh village of Durg, where they started making bricks. Yamuna was six years old at that time. Her father has a fifth-grade education, while her mother is illiterate. But they have taken on the challenge of giving their children a good education despite the social costs.


The Tragic Event that Inspired Yamuna:

Yamuna’s aspiration to be a doctor stemmed from a tragic event in her rural community. A pregnant woman in her neighborhood could not get proper medical care and gave birth to a baby with a deformed leg that never healed. Yamuna saw how the villagers had to travel to the city for even minor ailments but often faced a sh ortage of qualified doctors. She was motivated by these challenges to pursue a medical career.


If Yamuna achieves her goal, the DumarDih villagers will have a resident doctor since Dumardih is her hometown. Villages in India still lack adequate health care and education. Sometimes, recently recruited doctors and teachers from urban areas are assigned there for a few years; they might not be adequately skilled or committed to their duties. Their priority might be to move back to their hometowns. Of course, there are some exceptions.If doctors and teachers emerge from the local rural community, villagers will have better services as they will easily mingle with villagers, understand their problems, and gain their trust.It could raise awareness among other women in the villages if more women take the lead in these fields. We hope that Yamuna Chakradhar will be an example to inspire other rural women.

We should pray that Yamuna's dream should not remain unfulfilled due to financial problems.



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