Rambai: The 105-Year-Old Athletic Sensation from Haryana| Hariyana ki 106 sal ki khiladi ne sab ko chauka diya|


Rambai is a remarkable woman who has defied the age and odds to become an athletic sensation in India.

I published the post on 6th June 2023 on this blog about Dinkie Flowers of Florida, a 105yo Belle Dancer, and skater. Now read here about an athlete in India aged 105 years.

Rambai, who is 105 years old, set a new record in the 100-meter sprint, breaking the previous record held by the late Man Kaur, who was 101 when she ran the race in 74 seconds in 2017. She also broke the myth that older can't do any activities.

She clocked an impressive 45.40 seconds in the inaugural National Open Masters Athletics Championships (NOMAC) held in Vadodara, Gujarat, in June 2022.

She also won the 200-meter race in one minute and 52.17 seconds, completing a golden double.

Rambai has earned her praise and admiration from all quarters, including sports minister Anurag Thakur, who tweeted:

An age is just a number! Meet Rambai - a 105-year-old athlete from Haryana who has set a new record in the 100m sprint at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships. She is an inspiration for all of us to stay fit and healthy.

Rambai’s Background and Journey:

Rambai was born in 1917 when the world was engulfed in the First World War. And India was under British rule. She hails from Kadma village in the Charkhi Dadri district of Haryana, where Ramabai dwells with her four sons, two daughters, 12 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. She lost her husband when she was 60 years old.

Rambai has been a hardworking woman, doing household chores and working in the fields. She never went to school or learned to read or write. She was interested in sports or running until last year when she saw some senior citizens participating in a race organized by the district administration. She decided to join them and discovered her hidden talent.

She gets encouraged for sports by her granddaughter Sharmila Sangwan, an athlete and a physical education teacher. Sharmila helped her train and register for various events across the country. Rambai says she enjoys running and feels happy when she wins medals and trophies.

Rambai’s Diet and Fitness Regime:

Rambai attributes her longevity and fitness to her simple and natural diet. She says she consumes a lot of ghee, curd, and milk. She is a pure vegetarian and avoids rice. She also eats a traditional dish of sweet named Churma in Gujarati, prepared with wheat flour, ghee, and sugar.Rambai says she wakes up early every morning and do jogging for half an hour. She also does some stretching exercises and yoga. She says she does not take any medicines or supplements. She believes that running keeps her healthy and active.Achievements and Aspirations of Rambai:Rambai has participated in several athletic events since she started running at 104. She has won nine gold medals and two trophies so far. Some of the events where she has showcased her skills are:The District Masters Athletics Championship in Bhiwani, Haryana, where she won four gold medals.The Maharashtra State Masters Athletics Championship in Badlapur, Maharashtra, where she won five gold medals.The National Open Masters Athletics Championship in Vadodara, Gujarat, where she set a new record in the 100-meter sprint and also won the 200-meter race.Rambai says she is not just satisfied with her achievements and wants to run faster and better. She says she wants to participate in international events and represent India. She says she wants to go abroad and see the world.

105 old Ramabai an athlet.

Inspiration of Rambai and Her Message:

Rambai says she is inspired by her granddaughter Sharmila, who supports her in every way. She says Sharmila is like her mother and friend. She also says she is inspired by Swades, a Bollywood film starring Shah Rukh Khan as an NRI who returns to his village and helps the people there. She says she likes the scene where Shah Rukh Khan helps the old lady get electricity in her house.

Rambai says she wants to inspire other senior citizens to take up sports and fitness activities. She says age is no barrier to achieving own dreams. She says one should have confidence and determination to overcome any challenges. She says one should also have fun and enjoy life.

Rambai is a living example of willpower that age is just a number and that one can achieve anything with passion and perseverance. She is a role model for senior citizens and people of all ages who want to stay fit and healthy.

She is a true champion of Indian athletics and a pride of Haryana.

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